iPhones Stolen in London Riots will be blocked Soon!

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iphones stolen in london riots blockediPhones that were looted in London riots will be made useless very soon; speaking to several networks now it’s possible to block the stolen phones in London. According to an estimate dozens of mobile stores broken and thousands of smartphone’s and handsets were looted in this disturbance.

Once they have examined their stock records, store owners will be able to report the hardwired IMEI numbers for each lost handset which will result in networks adding them to their Equipment Identity Register (EIR), which will stop them working with any SIM within 24 hours. The networks will in turn add their EIR list to the Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR), a central database of IMEI numbers accessible by all major networks. That will turn off their use on any UK network within 48 hours.

Sadly, this may not be a difficulty for the thieves but rather for the individuals who innocently purchased a ‘used’ device. Be careful of any deals after this.

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[Via: MacWorld ]

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