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Shanghai iphoneTime Out is a well known publishing company established in the UK in the 1960s. Its magazine also called Time Out was something of an ‘underground’ publication at the time. It listed events and performances taking place in the city.

Now Time Out is published around the world with listings for a number of cities. They have even branched out into travel guides.

They ran an interesting advertising campaign in Shanghai earlier this year involving a stolen iPhone! One of these great communication tools was left in the street. As soon as it was picked up, the ‘thief’ received a text message asking them to hop in the black cab that had just pulled up to return it to its owner. (The block cab was a direct reference to Time Out’s roots in London).

The finder got into the cab and was then taken on a ‘tourist guide journey’ by text message. They visited some great ‘secret’ venues including

  • A vintage film curator who held films and stills of China’s Cultural Revolution
  • Ultraviolet, a chic restaurant that projects different music videos to match the different courses served
  • The Jazz Bar at the Peace Hotel where a band of 80 year musicians still play
  • Shouning Lu to sample the best street food in Shanghai

This is a great advertising ploy – we love it.

Don’t try this at home

However, we’re definitely not suggesting you leave your iPhone around for anyone to pick up. Not all finders are of such an honest disposition as these guys in Shanghai.

iPhone’s are worth a lot of money – anything from £300 – £500 new – and being without probably can’t be calculated in money terms, just inconvenience. We know that being parted from your mobile communication device can bring on virtual attacks of anxiety. How will you get in contact with friends, family, work colleagues, clients? What about all your stored music oh and your photo albums? It’s enough to bring real tears to your eyes.

iPhone insurance

Of course if you’ve sensibly taken out insurance cover for this precious item there is some hope. Of course revealing that you left it on the pavement to see if you could recreate the campaign in Shanghai may find you not covered!

Mobile insurance is designed to protect you from loss and theft providing you have made every attempt to make sure your iPhone is looked after properly. If it is as important to your everyday living as you suggest you will treat it with reverence. Things you won’t do which will disqualify a claim

  • Pretend you’re making a tourist film for Time Out
  • Leave it lying around unattended anywhere
  • That includes your car unless it is locked away in a glove compartment or boot and the car is secured and alarmed
  • Carelessly leave it in a taxi, bus or train
  • Claim for damage caused by a software virus
  • Claim when the iPhone is covered by Apple’s guarantee

Make sure you always read the terms and conditions of your iPhone insurance and treat your iPhone with the respect it deserves.

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