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iphone appsAfter the release of the first iPhone, college students found the value of using it as their main source for information. With the mobility of the phone and the extensive availability of apps for their needs, students are using the iPhone to succeed in their classes. For this reason many students agree there are must have apps if you are in college or looking for information in general. Here are a few of those best apps for students who can’t live without.

Google Mobile:

It has been proven that Google is the online search engine used by millions to find information on anything on the net. With the iPhone app, students are using Google Mobile to find what they need quickly to help study. The app does more now than previously with the ability to search for terms or words that you verbally tell it to. All you need to do is speak to your iPhone and the Google Mobile app will bring up the search results you need.

Wikipedia Mobile:

The largest wiki on the net is also available for the iPhone. The vast knowledge held on the pages of Wikipedia can be found with just a tap of the finger. The app searches through the pages of Wikipedia to find the answer to any question you have, any subject you want to learn about, or any information you seek. Those who already love Wikipedia on the net will have no problems migrating to the iPhone app. Download

Voice Memos:

Sometimes you just don’t want to take notes in class. With Voice Memos, you won’t have to. Just set it to record lectures, your voice for note taking, or even dictate your class assignments. The recordings can then be transferred to your PC for listening later or archiving. Download

My GPA Calculator:

Knowing where you stand in class is important. With My GPA Calculator you will always know your grades and what they would be if you did a little extra credit. You can enter in your current grades to see what your GPA is, monitor and track your progress throughout the semester, and even enter in “what if” grades if you want to know what your GPA would be if you aced your next midterm. Download


Another popular app for taking notes, Evernote has proven its value among college students. The app also allows you to create lists, search through images, or share your documents. This app is a must have for college students looking to achieve more by keeping organized. Download

The iPhone revolutionized smartphone design and capabilities. With so many available apps ranging from games to production, college students are using their iPhones to accomplish more or even relax after class. If you need an app to get things done in class, consider these popular apps for college students.

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