iPhone 6s Plus WaterProof Test

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iPhone 6s Plus WaterProof TestApple iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus are the two new version of iPhones launched this year. The design of the both devices are more the same as the previous version. The major change is the A9 processor which is twice fast as the previous A8. There are alot of other notable changes in the new version, but one thing that it is still missing is the ability to survive under water.

iDeviceHelp has tested the new iPhone 6S Plus by sending him down in the 4foot deep pool. The guy sets the timer on the stopwatch, and at one minute mark the iPhone just stopped responding but the screen display was normal. Later on, at the two minute mark the phone died.

This is the time probably Apple should think on making the new iPhone 7 waterproof. Let’s hope that the iPhone 7 will bring this waterproof stuff to life.

Check out the video below….

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