IPhone 5S Rumors: Handset To Be Offered In Gold Or Champagne

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iphone 5sSo the rumors are, in fact, true. The iPhone 5S is coming soon with pretty impressive upgrades to functionality and aesthetic. Not only that, but along with it comes the brand new (long awaited) operating system, the iOS 7. While this phone will look just like the iPhone 5, there are some notable differences.


The release date for this updated iPhone 5 is going to be announced in early September, the 10th to be exact, and will also confirm or disprove any rumors about the phone itself. There is considerable evidence, however, that this phone will be released in a champagne gold color. In other words, there will be an option for the phone to be light gold in color. Other colors being released was also a source of discussion, however so far, only black, white, and gold have been confirmed.


This new iPhone will not exactly be a far cry from its predecessor but will have some nifty upgrades in store. The main ones will be the speed and changes to Siri, who will now have the ability to change the settings on the phone during use. For example, if you are using an app and realize that you’d like to enable Bluetooth, you can ask Siri to do it for you.


The main difference between the 5 and 5S won’t be hardware; it’ll really be software. iOS 7 will have a completely new aesthetic and functionality and more closely reflects the closing gap between iOS and Android software. The colors will be more vibrant, the motions will be more intuitive, and the processing power will be considerably faster.

Benefits of Buying the iPhone 5S

If you are an Apple fan like we are, you probably know that the release of iOS 7 will not only be available for the iPhone 5S, but also for all the existing iPhones as well. Not only is the update free, but it is relatively seamless. All of your apps, contacts, photographs, and music can be backed up on iCloud or any back-up software. So why buy the new iPhone? Well for one, this phone, though it looks the same, will be easier on your wallet. That’s right, the iPhone 5S retain the same exterior design but will be made out of plastic and, therefore, will cost at least $100 less.

Fancy Phone

If the gold iPhone is not enough for you, there are always the diamond-encrusted ones. These luxury phones are made with the rich and famous in mind and if you fall into that category, you’re in luck. The diamond-encrusted iPhone 5 is available on for a mere $15 million. This fancy techie’s dream is made entirely of solid gold and has 600 brilliant white diamonds lining its edges as well as the apple logo on the back. We’re sure that with the release of the iPhone 5S, a diamond version will soon be ready to purchase as well (and we are using the term ‘ready to purchase’ loosely).

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