Some More iPhone 5S Parts Leaked [Photos]

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iphone 5s earphone ribbonBGR, today has posted some leaked parts of the upcoming iPhone 5S.

The site has got these HD photos from an anonymous source. The parts mainly include a loud-speaker bracket, ear phone bracket, vibrating motor assembly, Wi-fi flex cable ribbon and SIM Card tray.

The vibrating motor assembly from the iPhone 5S has leaked before, but our source has supplied photos that show the component in greater detail. An earlier analysis pointed out several differences between the vibrating motor from the iPhone 5 and the new component expected to be included in the iPhone 5S. The next-generation iPhone will also include a redesigned ear speaker bracket and a new loud-speaker bracket, which are pictured successively below. Also set to be included in the iPhone 5S is a new Wi-Fi flex cable ribbon.

The images of the SIM card tray are in two different colors; black and gold, which may suggests that the iPhone 5S will be released with additional color options.

More and more leaks mean that Apple is gearing up the production of 5S. It is much expected that the iPhone 5S will be released this fall.

via BGR

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