iPhone 5 Redesigned Home Button Leaked?

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iphone 5 home buttonChinese iPhone parts seller TVC-Mall has started to offer “iPhone 5” home buttons for sale, both in black and White colors.

The home buttons revealed by TVC-Mall have the new rounded square shape much like iOS app icons, but the buttons still maintains the round shape for the button from the inside same like the one we have on our iPhone rightnow. TVC-Mall describes it as:

Different from iPhone 4S 4, the iPhone 5 home button is round in the center and square outside as the pictures show. The two parts are indivisible.iphone 5 button

These supposed iPhone 5 parts can be seen in both black and white on TVC-Mall and TrueSupplier.

So its unlikely that the rumors of Apple removing the home button entirely or replacing with a touch-sensitive button will come true. Since we have not seen any changes in the iPhone’s home button way back from original iPhone to the present iPhone 4S, infact it has become a trademark button, so Apple will not be aiming to change it. This is just another rumor in the whole series of rumors for iPhone 5.

iphone 4s home button

Current iPhone 4S home button

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