iPhone 5 gets Launched in India [Video]

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iphone 5 indiaApple iPhone 5 has been launched in India, well not officially, but has started to promote their devices using the existing distributors.

They have been forced to do so because of the strict regulations in the country. Currently some of the top Indian telecom providers are being used to sell the iPhone.

The Cupertino, Calif. company has recently tied up the local operations of Ingram Micro Inc., a large U.S.-based distributor of technology, and Redington (India) Ltd., a local distributor with 12,000 smaller partners across the country, the person said. Redington confirmed that it has added iPhones to the list of Apple products it is selling in India. A spokeswoman for Ingram Micro wasn’t immediately available for a comment. Apple declined to comment.

But all over it was a warm welcome to iPhone 5 in the country. You can see the long lines in the video below….



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