The Influence of iPhone on Web Design!

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iphone and web design 9to5iphoneFor years, the iPhone and iPad have been two of the most beloved smartphone models and gadgets for techies around the globe. This wide popularity hasn’t been achieved only by the smooth, sleek and compact design that iPhone and iPad boasts but also due to its innumerable features and applications that may only be limited by one’s imagination. Apple’s two best creations have definitely stormed the market and have revolutionized the way people use gadgets for a handful of applications.

How iPad Inspired Change to Website Development:

Apple’s iPad has continuously received mixed reviews from its consistent fans and critics alike. While the techies or Apple geeks have viewed the iPad as disappoint for being “just” what they expected, the media publishing company begs to differ. Among the innumerable applications it allows access to users, web development is one of the benefiting areas of iPad’s dynamic applications and features.

Web developers and designers can definitely find this device useful for their profession or hobby. For starters, the iPad has no correct or wrong way of looking at websites. This means that users can look at it either in a landscape view or a portrait mode. This enables you to maximize the image or video you are currently viewing in the best way possible. However, for a web designer, this denotes two completely different things for which to do web designing. It is for this certain purpose that the iPad emphasizes the need for an innovative fluid width design. With the use of an innovative mixture of JavaScript and CSS, the user’s experience may increase in drastic measures.

Although these combinations of fluid layouts are the best option to go with, there are still many cases wherein the web developer cannot use them at all and is left to resort to another viable method. In such events, this requires looking beyond these advance features into the fundamental styling capabilities of the iPad. This Apple creation has apparently addressed one issue, which is the fact that the website doesn’t have to look in the same way on each platform it goes in.

Inclusions of style sheets for the iPhone have already been carried out to accommodate mobile devices, and now, this same inclusion also needs to be done for the iPad to keep in mind the No Fold Policy. In Portrait view, a good part of the website can be viewed at a go. Going on to the landscape mode, the touch interface also makes it a lot more natural to browse through various websites that showcase content in a horizontal position.

In terms of links and hover effects, the main method of user communication with the iPad is and will always be via the fingers. Users will have to interact with websites with the use of fingers. This entails that all of the best hover effects that served of key importance for pointer-based gadgets will be an obstacle in user experience for the iPad.

While the world has been separated over Apple’s decision on using Flash, people concerned need to realize that the steps in this direction has already been taken. With Google opening their doors to HTML5 for YouTube, it is only a matter of time before all things on the internet are formatted with HTML5.

How iPhone Redefined Website Design and Development:

Being one of the brainchild’s of Apple, iPhone also has several apps and features on its sleeves that has helped redefine the way developers work on websites these days. The rise of various applications that are focused on web development and design has paved the way for web designers and developers to create their sites with relative ease and creativity. One of the best iPhone apps for web development is Ego. However, Ego isn’t a site that is comprised of tools for creating a website. Instead, it is a brilliant method of assessing the web statistics on a daily or hourly basis. The application can also support various sites such as Squarespace and Twitter.

Another application is ZeptoPad. In some cases, as a web designer, you may have instantaneous ideas or a burst of inspiration. But since a paper and pen is as dull as a mullet, it won’t do any good for your bright ideas and concepts. This being said, ZeptoPad is an ideal app for channeling your artistic abilities and creativity.

With so many users changing the way they access the internet, mobile browsing has quickly taken the forefront of web design. Companies have quickly learned to adapt to the growing market of mobile users with responsive websites and one page web design. As technology continues to evolve, the internet will continue to evolve as well.

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