iH8sn0w Have A Jailbreak For iOS 10! [Video]

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iOS 10 jailbreakiH8sn0w has finally been able to jailbreak iOS 10; shows it in a new video posted on YouTube.

iH8sn0w gave hint few days ago in a tweet; that Cydia does not crash on iOS 10. And, now today he has posted a video of an iPhone 5 running iOS 10 with an untethered jailbreak.

We are assuming that the device he has in this video, may be jailbroken with older iBoot Exploit, and which means that it is jailbroken for life. But even if that’s’ the case, still it’s a good news and hope he will carry on and make it work on all devices including the iPhone 6s.

There are no words on how long iH8sn0w will take to release this jailbreak…

Check out the video below…

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