How To Use Your iPhone’s Internet Connection On Your Laptop

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how to use iphone internet on laptopDuring the advent of mobile internet, the only way for the laptop to be able to connect to the internet through the mobile phone’s data plan is with a USB connection. However, this is not possible with the iPhone which is actually a good thing since the internet user will no longer have to use a prominent cable while surfing the internet.

Why People Connect to Laptop to their iPhone’s Internet Connection

On the other hand, you may be wondering why there would be a need to surf the internet through your laptop using your iPhone’s internet connection when you can already surf the internet through the iPhone unit itself. There are instances when you may prefer or sometimes, need to browse the internet through your laptop instead of your iPhone.

An iPhone has an amazing internet browser which is almost close to the desktop view but certainly, it is still more convenient to surf the internet through the laptop with its bigger screen. Another thing is, you may be using your iPhone’s data plan as your back up internet connection and in this case, you still need to work on your laptop while using your iPhone as your modem.

 How To Use Your iPhone’s Internet Connection On Your Laptop

To begin with browsing the internet on your laptop using your iPhone’s internet connection, there are a few steps that you have to take.

Create an Ad Hoc Network – There’s no way that you can connect your iPhone to your laptop directly so you have to create an ad hoc network where other devices can connect as well.

1: After ascertaining that the wireless adapter is enabled, open the Network and Sharing Center which can be found under Network and Internet which is in the Control Panel.

2: Under the Tasks column which can be found on the left side, choose Manage Wireless and sharing centre3: After opening the Manage Wireless Network Window, choose Add.manage wireless network4: A window will open which will let you choose from three options. Choose ‘Create an ad hoc network’ad-hoc network5: A page will open where you will enter a network name, security type and security key. As for the security type, it will be advisable to choose WEP so no unauthorized user within the range can connect to your laptop.wep wireless6: After this, you should see a window stating that the iPhone network is ready to use. Click ‘Turn on Internet connection sharing’ then you may now close the window.iphone networkConnect Your iPhone to the Ad Hoc Wireless Network

  1. From the iPhone settings, choose WiFi.
  2. The name of the ad hoc network that you assigned earlier will show among the options. Choose that option and enter the password that you created in the previous procedure. Click join.
  3. The previous screen will show up again but this time, with the name of the network checked.

A window will prompt in your laptop screen asking you to set a location for the network. You can choose whatever location you want whether home, work or public location.

After doing these procedures, you should be able to connect to the internet. It may be a bit sluggish as compared to high speed broadband but internet browsing could still be much better this way than with the iPhone’s smaller screen.

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