How To Update Software On Your Apple Watch [Gif Tutorial]

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Apple Watch OS how to updateHere we are posting instructions on how to update the software / firmware on your Apple Watch. To perform these steps, the things you will need is an Apple Watch, charging cable, iPhone and an internet connection for the update.

Step One

Launch the Apple Watch app from your iPhone’s springboard.

Apple watch app iPhone springboard

Apple Watch App iPhone Springboard

Step Two

Select General from the My Watch settings tab, then tap Software Update.

My Watch General Setting on iPhone

My Watch General Setting on iPhone

Step Three

The app will contact Apple server to check if a software update is available.

Software update Apple watch

Apple Watch Software Update Window on iPhone

If a Software Update is found, make sure that your Apple Watch is nearby and connected to the charging cable. Once the watch is over 50% charged, tap the Download and Install button on the iPhone, then tap the Agree button to start downloading.

Apple Watch Software Update

Apple Watch Software Update

Step Four

The Apple Watch firmware will be soon downloaded to the device. This may take about 5-10 minutes, depending on your internet speed.

Downloading watchos on iphone

Downloading Watch OS on iPhone

Once downloaded, the firmware will be installed on your Apple Watch. This may take around 10 to 15 minutes depending on the size of the update.

Watch OS downloaded on iPhone

Watch OS Downloaded on iPhone

By this time, progress dial will appear on the face of the Apple Watch. The progress dial will complete a full circle twice then your watch will reboot to the updated operating system.

apple boot logo watch os

Apple Boot Logo Watch OS


Finally we have the Watch OS updated…

Watch OS Upgraded

Watch OS Upgraded…

Now you can download Watch OS 3.1.3 and use the instructions above to update your Apple Watch to the latest version…

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