How to Turn On the Character Counter in the Messages App on Your iPhone

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iphone messages appTurning on the character counter feature for the “Messages” app on your iPhone is a great way to keep track of just how long your SMS text messages really are. Most cellular providers split one message up into two if it starts to get too long. Many cellular providers use 160 characters as a split point. If you only have a limited number of text messages on your current iPhone plan, sending a lot of long messages is a great way to eat up your monthly allotment very quickly. You can turn on the character counter for the “Messages” app on your iPhone in just a couple of seconds.

Step 1

Close out of any application you happen to be viewing and navigate back to your iPhone “Home” screen. Tap the “Settings” button one time to open the application of the same name.

Step 2

Scroll through the “Settings” window until you find the “Messages” button. The icon for the “Messages” button is the identical green icon as used by the “Messages” application on your device’s “Home” screen. Tap “Messages” one time to continue. The window that loads on screen will feature a series of options that you can use to adjust how the “Messages” application works.

Step 3

Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap the button labeled “Off” next to the phrase “Character Count.” The character counter feature of the “Messages” application will now be enabled.

Step 4

Exit the “Settings” application and return to the “Home” screen on your iPhone. Tap the green “Messages” icon to load the “Messages” application. A new blank SMS text message template will appear on screen. If one doesn’t automatically appear, tap the “Compose” button in the upper right corner to open a new blank template at this time.

Step 5

Use the iPhone virtual keyboard to type a message into the “Body” section of the window on screen. Because the character counter feature is now enabled, a series of numbers will appear at the bottom of the message. As you type additional words into your SMS text messages, the numbers in the character counter will go up. Remember that these numbers do not count the total number of words in a message but the total number of letters, numbers and spaces that make up a message. Use the counter as a guide as you continue to send SMS text messages using your iPhone.

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