How to Get Your iPhone to Read A Book Out Loud

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iphone read outAudio books traditionally have either actors or sometimes the authors themselves read the text from a book out loud in the form of a recording. Audio books can be a great way to catch up on your reading in situations like a car where you can’t actually read a book but still need something to listen to. Many people don’t realize, however, that you don’t actually have to have an audio book version of a particular title to still enjoy all the benefits. Thanks to Siri and the “Accessibility Options” functionality on Apple’s iPhone, you can have your device read any book out loud just by selecting a few basic options.

Step 1

iphone settingsTurn on your iPhone and open the device’s “Settings” application. As with most of the other functions on your iPhone, the “Accessibility Options” on your device are configured via the “Settings” app. Once loaded, tap the “General” menu option on screen to continue.

Step 2iphone accessibility

Scroll down to the very bottom of the screen on your iPhone until you find the button labeled “Accessibility.” Tap the option one time to continue.

Step 3

iphone voiceoverLocate the section of options labeled “Vision” at the top of the screen. The first option in this section will be labeled “VoiceOver.” By default, the “VoiceOver” option will be labeled “Off.” Tap the button one time to continue.

Step 4

Tap the button labeled “VoiceOver” at the top of the screen one time to enable the functionality on your iPhone. A new box will immediately appear asking you to confirm that you want to turn this functionality on. Tap the button labeled “OK” to continue.voiceover

While the “VoiceOver” screen is open, use the next few boxes to configure the voice speech functionality on your device. For example, use the sliding bar labeled “Speaking Rate” to control how quickly or slowly the VoiceOver function will read back text on your iPhone. Make any necessary adjustments to your device and return to your iPhone “Home” screen when you’re finished.

Step 5

ibooks iphoneOpen the iBooks application on your iPhone, or any other application that you use to read eBooks on your device. Note that because the VoiceOver feature is now enabled, you will have to tap twice on all icons to open applications on your iPhone.

Open the book you want your iPhone to read out loud and navigate to the page where you left off. Tap once at the top of the page. Thanks to the VoiceOver feature and the Siri functionality of your iPhone, your device will now begin to read the text on the page out loud using the settings that you have provided.

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