How Get Into Shape Using Your iPhone

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iphone fitnessUsing an iPhone it’s possible to make almost every aspect of your life easier. Here you have access to your maps, your GPS, your internet connection and a powerful processor anywhere you go and all of which fits into your pocket or the palm of your hand. While you will generally use this in order to improve things like your punctuality or your general knowledge though, or even to help you find your car – what you may not have realized is that it can also be a great fitness tool. Here we will look at some examples of ways that you can use your iPhone to improve your fitness and health.

Fitness Apps  

Of course the first place to look if you want to use your iPhone to get into better shape is in the App Store. There are plenty of apps here all of which can help you to improve your fitness and your dieting and all of which work in different impressive ways. For instance you can use one of the many bodybuilding/fitness apps in order to come up with workouts and look at the range of different exercises for each body part. Alternatively you can use an app that logs your diet so that you can count calories much more effectively. Pick any of these and having the app just on your phone can be enough to encourage you to work out and to do so in a way that will be more effective. Perhaps the most powerful tools of all here are the running apps which will help to record your runs and your times and to log the number of calories you burn to help you keep track of your fitness.

Other Apps

At the same time though there are also plenty of other apps on the phone which can help you to get into shape too that aren’t necessarily aimed specifically at fitness. For instance you can get apps that are aimed at improving your ability or your enthusiasm for sports and this will help you to lose weight as a happy accident. There are many apps out there for golf enthusiasts to help you keep track of courses in your area and to help perfect your golf swing, and then there are plenty more for football fans, for dancers, for martial artists and more – and all of them can help you to burn calories while engaging in an activity you enjoy.

And then if you want to go one step further you can also look at how some of the games on there might help you to burn calories simply by playing them – like the games that get you to chop wood by swinging your phone in the air in a karate chop. Okay it’s a stretch, but do it enough and you’ll certainly gain something from it.

The Other Functions

But you don’t even need apps to make the most of your phone as a fitness tool. For instance the very fact that you have access to the web means you have access to all the exercise and diet information you could possibly need, while the ability to take notes is enough to let you keep track of what you eat and to come up with exercises for later. Even the camera can help you to get into shape by taking photos of your physique as you improve. So start using your phone in your training and get ready to see results!

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