Helpful iPhone Apps for Business Use!

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business apps for iphoneAs the modern business model becomes ever more focused around concepts such as flexibility and mobility so technology such as smartphones – like the Apple iPhone – which combine the functions of a computer with the convenience and mobility of use of a mobile phone, become ever more central to doing business. This means that more and more apps are being produced for these devices, enabling people to perform tasks essential to their work, such as storing and editing documents or searching for new and second hand cars for sale for use as business vehicles, while they are on the move. These are some of the most helpful apps for business use.

If you are at the point where you need a vehicle for work purposes – whether it is for your own personal use or for the use of people you are employing – then the app produced by the online car database should be extremely helpful. This app allows you to access the Motors database of more than 160,000 new and second hand cars for sale, from your iPhone; ensuring that you can perform this task while on the move from one job to another. Get App

Alternatively, if you are looking for a way of managing your business’s documents and working on them via your iPhone, then an app such as the FileMaker Go might be ideal for your needs. This should be combined with the FileMaker Pro – a complementary app that is designed to allow you to organize all of your business documents into a proper file system on your tablet. Get FileMaker Go App

However if you then want to be able to share any important documents with either employees or co-workers, an app such as Genius Scan – PDF Scanner provides you with the capability to scan any documentation related to your business – including notes, data files and receipts- into either JPEG or PDF files, using your iPhone, without the need for a separate scanner. These files can then be emailed or shared on social media sites. Get Genius Scan app (Free | Pro)

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