A Few Great iPhone Applications!

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few great iphone applicationsInstalling applications on a smartphone make the device much more useful and enjoyable to use. So, if planning to recycle old mobile phone and get a smartphone, make sure to install a few applications to make the device much more interesting. And, if the smartphone is an iPhone, consider the following few applications released just recently.

Star Walk – Mobile users interested in some star gazing and watching meteor showers may consider the Star Walk application. Whether a novice in astronomy or a professional in this field, this application is sure to appeal to everyone. Mobile users can also measure angular distances between stars with this visually appealing and fun application.

Spotify – With this particular application it is possible to stream thousands of songs from thousands of albums and also band members on to the iPhone. Mobile users can access more than 13 thousand tunes with Spotify. It allows offline syncing of music, and to create on the go play list. Having said that, it requires iOS 3.0 or later kind OS to run this application.

VirusBarrier – It is a valuable application that protects the iPhone from viruses. It scans for different types of virus on email attachments and data files saved on remote locations directly on the device. It checks and destroys all known adware and spyware just like viruses, worms, Trojan horses and others impacting Windows or Macs. It offers 12-months of free adware and spyware updates. However, subscription renewal will be needed after that and is chargeable.

Vibop – This is a video-sharing application with many amazing customized effects. So mobile users can create some personalized video clips with any of the 20 professionally-designed computer graphics with this particular application. What’s more, it is possible to share the videos with friends, family and colleagues over Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and  email.

Xtreme Wheels – Those who want some action must get this unique interesting application. It’s a bike arcade game with some fantastic graphics. Play this action game and see if you come unhurt from the hazard packed bike ride over explosive barrels, huge gaps, and also carelessly lying risky cargo containers. The game can keep the user entertained a whole day. So whenever you sell mobile phone for cash to mobile recycling and upgrade to an iPhone, get any of the interesting applications for a great mobile experience.

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