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iPhone 4S black image boxIf you are interested in purchasing a cell phone or you are looking to upgrade to a new phone then Apple might not be the first company to cross your mind. As it turns out,  the iPhone is an extremely popular device in the mobile phone world.  If you happen to be a diehard Apple fan, then you might think about the iPhone as your first choice, but even if you aren’t a serious fan, you might have still heard about the hype surrounding the latest release of the iPhone, the iPhone 4S, which is now carried by wireless service carriers other than AT&T Wireless.  If you are interested in getting a great new phone with tons of wonderful features, then you might be looking at choosing from around twenty to thirty state of the art, technologically advanced smartphones, and that is not an easy decision to make.  You might wonder which one of the many that will suit you the best, and often times the best idea is to see how the phone feels in the palm of your hand – this might seem a bit rudimentary for choosing a complicated piece of equipment, but trust me, this is a good way to choose a phone.  Most phones today already have the same basic features, and so your choice really isn’t going to involve technical specifications or anything that is under the cover, it is going to deal with appearance.

And when it comes to appearance, the iPhone 4S has a definite edge over the competition.  The iPhone 4S is not only one of the most technologically advanced smartphones of its time, it also comes with many features that are not standard to other smartphones.  The iPhone 4S comes with a dual core A5 chip, which means that it functions up to two times faster in performance than the normal smartphone, and the graphics are seven times what they would be on another smartphone.  If you are interested in the camera and video functions, then the iPhone 4S is going to blow your mind with its 8 mega pixel camera and its 1080p HD video recording, not to mention the all new optics.  If you are a fan of iCloud, then you will love the ability of the iPhone 4S to store files and send files to other linked devices wirelessly.  iPhone 4S also has iOS 5, iMessage, and over 200 other new features, not to mention that it has just introduced Siri, its own creation that allows users to access information, set reminders, and perform countless other functions using only their voice.

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