Get Siri-ous about your savings!

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iphone 4s siriThe launch of the Apple iPhone 4S left some disappointed due to the exterior similarities between it and its predecessor. However, while the design may have stayed largely the same a raft of new features allows the iPhone 4S to remain relevant and highly recommended.

The focus of Apple’s advertising campaigns has been Siri, its voice-controlled personal organizer software which goes above and beyond the basic features found on other mobile operating systems.

Siri lets the user ask the iPhone 4S questions, send text messages, add appointments and generally organize their lives. But is it practical to manage your personal finances whilst on the move and let Siri help you check the latest rates on stocks, shares or savings accounts?

One particularly useful feature of Siri is its geo-fencing capabilities, which could be used to help you pay a bill before you leave your home or another predetermined area.

In essence you can set Siri to remind you of something you need to do, whether it is to transfer some cash or cover this month’s utility payments.

Where the software goes further than standard organizers is that it will be able to alert you based not only on a time but also on your location.

Using the iPhone 4S integrated GPS, it will hit you with an alert as soon as you move away from home, which means you can avoid late payment fees and keep on top of your finances at the same time.

Another way in which Siri can aid you using location-based services is by providing you with the location of the nearest cash point when you are in a panic.

There is nothing worse than being out in an unfamiliar place and suddenly realizing that you need some cash to get you through, but by asking Siri to locate the nearest ATM, you can bypass the frustration of having to scour the streets yourself.

Because Siri is integrated with most of the services available on your iPhone 4S you can use it to search the web, find out news on the latest stock market movements, scour the local amenities for a bargain restaurant or even find out about offers at retail stores.

The stock price integration is really rather clever, since you can ask Siri about the value of your preferred company and it will quickly pull up the relevant, real time figures.

On a more basic level Siri can help you work out what tip you need to leave in a restaurant if you are out with multiple friends and need to do the division quickly.

Some of these finance-managing features have been available on the iPhone for a while, but Siri makes them easier to use and faster to access.

Siri is still in development but once third party companies are able to tinker with the platform the possibilities for enabling more complex financial services using your voice alone will be greatly increased. The future for the iPhone 4S and its Siri software looks as bright as ever.

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