Geek Alert: An App To Train Your Brain

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lumosity brain training appAlthough it may be news to some, we are no longer in the Industrial Age. Yes, we are still surrounded by all the paraphernalia and accoutrements of industry, perhaps more so than earlier eras, but we have a different view of the world, a technologically-sophisticated world view that requires intelligent people. These knowledge workers, colloquially called Geeks, seek one thing: to be smarter at what they do.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that in a time in history where there may be an app for almost every practical (and impractical) human endeavor; there is one to make smart people even smarter.

If you’re a knowledge worker, you’re probably interested in learning more about this brain-enhancing app, but before we describe it and what it can do to enrich your neuronets, let’s take a look at the people behind the app, as this will put things in perspective.lumosity iphone app

The Lumosity Revolution
Although people frequently use games like Sudoku, chess, or crosswords to keep their minds sharp and focused, this is not as effective as a deliberate program for cognitive training. Lumosity reshapes neural connections in a more challenging way than most traditional mental enrichment programs. And while there is a whole suite of brain-training programs, Lumosity may well have the most research behind its games.

Lumos Labs is an organization created by an in-house research and development team that works with neuroscientists from Berkeley to develop brain training software that reinforces such breakthrough ideas as stimulating neuroplasticity and enhancing fluid intelligence. Their suite of apps goes under the umbrella name of Lumosity.

Neuroplasticity means that the more you stimulate your brain, the more the brain develops neurons to handle the new information. An analogy may help: a bodybuilder will stress a certain muscle through repetition to force it to grow thicker and stronger; similarly, by studying something, you increase the number of neurons in your brain to make it work smarter.

Fluid intelligence, meanwhile, is the capacity to logically resolve problems in new situations. In other words, you can reason out an answer without requiring prior knowledge. Inductive and deductive knowledge is enough.

Lumosity, in summary, offers users entertaining game apps to improve neuroplasticity and fluid intelligence. When you use these apps, you will improve brain-processing speed, long and short-term memory, attention to detail, the flexibility of your thinking, and your ability to solve problems.

Global Users
There are 40 million users worldwide who use the Personalized Training Program created by Lumos Labs. While it is a popular app for people who enjoy increasing their intelligence
–from college students to those in knowledge-intensive projects– users also include those who are interested in overcoming cognitive challenges.

The games are simple, yet entertaining. They don’t require special knowledge or skills to play.


The Lumosity apps can be accessed by laptop or desktop. The apps are also compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The apps are optimized for iPhone 5.

This app is both engaging and stimulating. Instead of standard brain games, Lumosity games are designed to maximize cognitive functions. For more information, visit

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