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garageband for iphoneA few years ago, when the first iPad was unveiled by Apple at one of its signature media events, the company touted the Garage Band for iOS application as one of the main, cool, unique reasons to buy an iPad. The product demonstration was full of people playing the iPad piano, playing air guiltier on the iPad’s multi-touch display, and creating whole songs with the application. It was never made available for iPhone, largely due to concerns about the device’s display and cannibalizing the iPad market.

Fast-forward two years, and the company has learned some valuable lessons. First and foremost, Apple has learned that the iPad will sell in volumes no matter what applications are available on the iPhone. Secondly, Apple has dedicated itself to a post-PC era where even those applications which require a larger screen can be made adaptable to the iPhone’s petite size.

In that vein, the company recently unveiled the new, universal Garage Band for iOS application. The app is no longer restricted to iPad users and can be used on any iPhone or iPod Touch released in the past three years. It packs all of the same features as the application that iPad users have access to, and reports from around the smartphone industry say that those features are as easy and intuitive to use on the small iPhone as they are on the considerably larger iPad.

Features — Both New and Old

The iPhone version of GarageBand for iOS packs all of the original iPad version’s features. This includes all of the multi-touch controls, the included “smart” instruments that shipped with the iPad version, eight tracks of editing layers, and the ability to export your creations as audio files which can be shared with friends or imported into a typical iTunes music library. Projects can also be saved to the phone for future use and editing, and those files can be edited using the desktop version as well.

New in this release for both iPhone and iPad users is the ability to create custom chords with smart instruments, which means musicians can now be far more experimental in the sounds they’re able to produce with the application. Users will also enjoy the new ability to change time keys to 3/4 and 6/8 — two options that will help diversify the type and tempo of the songs that GarageBand can produce.

And finally, the new version of the application comes with the ability to export directly to iTunes using AIFF or Apple’s proprietary ACC audio format. That removes several intermediary steps that the old version of the GarageBand application used to require, and it’s nice to see that Apple is focusing more on convenience and speed in this new version of its signature music production app.

Pricing and Availability

GarageBand for iOS devices is available as a free upgrade for iPad users who have already purchased the application. For iPhone and iPod Touch users, as well as new iPad users, the app is available for the extremely affordable price of $4.99. And who knows — that may be the best $5 investment in a future musical career that any iOS device owner has ever made.

It should be noted that users who wish to download the new Garage Band application will be required to be running the company’s new iOS 5 operating system — whether they’re using an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. This is because the app plugs into several new proprietary technologies that only iOS 5 users have access to, such as over the air syncing with iTunes, iWork, and other services. Download GarageBand

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