Free iPhone Apps That Can Help You Learn A Foreign Language

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free iphone language appsThe iPhone is more than just a phone. It can be your travel guide, your tutor, your stock market expert and so much more, courtesy the billions of apps in the Appstore. A small part of that billion is free apps that can help you learn a foreign language. While nothing can substitute a teacher in the real world, there are apps which can help you learn the basics of different foreign languages.

Here are a few of the best free iPhone apps that can help you learn a foreign language:

Spanish Tutor- Usually, language learning apps come with talk phrases or flash car games to teach you some commonly used words in a language. But the Spanish Tutor is an interactive app that really helps you grasp the basics of Spanish. The Lite Edition of the app comes free of cost and has almost all the functions. Get App

World Nomads French Language Guide- This one won’t help you learn a language per se. But if you are a traveler at heart and shudder at the thought of not knowing even basic phrases of common languages of the world, this app could help you out. It is a free app and comes with commonly spoken phrases and words of various languages, French being one of them. This one would make you a better traveler. Get App

Free Chinese Essentials by AccelaStudy- AccelaStudy has been known for making quality language learning guides. While Chinese isn’t the easiest of languages to learn, it does help if you a little bit. After all, every third person in the world is a Chinese. The app helps you learn the essential phrases and words in Chinese. You won’t become a Chinese expert with this app but it will definitely better equip you to bargain with Chinese traders. Get App

WordPower Lite- Italian- For learning a bit of Italiano the easy way, the Lite version of the WordPower is perfect to begin with. It teaches a word a day with the help of flashcards and audio. You could even record and listen to your own voice with this app, which helps to get the pronunciation right. Get App

Italian Study Buddy- This is another good and free iPhone app for learning Italian. It has an easy interface and helps you learn the basics of the Italian vocabulary. If you are a foreigner living in Milan or you are planning to visit the beautiful destination, this app could come in really handy. Get App

Those are some of the best ones for which you don’t have to pay a dime. However, if don’t mind shelling out a few dollars, there are plenty of other iPhone and iPad apps that can help you learn a foreign language.

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