Five Must Have iPhone Apps For Parents

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iphone apps for parentsIn today’s day and age, technology is everything. You can pretty much do anything on your desktop, laptop, smart phone, or tablet device. It’s truly amazing the things people can look do with an iPhone. The best part is that as a parent, you can really benefit from what the internet can give you. Looking up information on babies, children, kid care essentials, daycare, toys, advice and more is incredibly easy. In fact, there are apps specifically made just for parents. If you have an iPhone and you’re a parent, then you’re in luck. Just check out these cool and useful apps right on your phone!

1. Tot a Go Go:

If you’ve ever been on the go with a little baby, then you know how crucial this can be, and how much of a pain in the neck it can be if you can’t find a baby changing station. Luckily an app called Tot a Go Go is available. This cool app makes it extremely easy for you now to find diaper changing locations when you’re on the go. This is wonderful for parents who love to travel a lot. Now you don’t have to improvise where you’re going to diaper baby at with this awesome app. Even dad’s can find baby changing stations with family friendly bathrooms. With Tot a Go Go you can also find reviews on restaurants for your family to enjoy.  If it doesn’t suit your fancy, check out a couple of other baby changing station finders by clicking here. Get App

2. iHomeopathy:

This easy to use app from iTunes is a wonderful way for parents to gather more information on health and children. It’s basically a guide right at your fingertips that teaches about childhood ailments, common illnesses in children, as well as how to treat first-aid emergencies in young kids. With iHomeopathy, there is no more need to look up health information in the books now. To make full use of it, this baby can be downloaded onto your iPhone so that you’ll always have it with you, even when on the go. Get App

3. BabyBrain: Your Baby Log:

Baby Brain is a wonderful app that all parents with young babies should have. It can hold unlimited data and information regarding all of your baby’s activities. All you have to do is log in your information. It’s totally easy to use, too. When you have fed your baby, changed your baby, when the last time was that your baby slept or needed medicine – just log in that information. It’s an awesome app for keeping track of your baby from everything from sleeping to feeding and more.

4. WebMD Mobile:

WebMD’s iPhone app is a wonderful app for parents to have. It’s similar to iHomeopathy except that it offers you a lot more variety in terms of your kids’ health. If you’re trying to figure out what is wrong with baby, or any of your children for that matter, then you can simply look up the symptoms and find the issue that best matches it. Of course it should never take the place of your children’s pediatrician, but for minor cases such as when a child gets a minor rash or cough, then WebMD Mobile can be useful. Get App

5. White Noise:

When babies are screaming and crying, one great app to try and soothe them is White Noise. White Noise is an awesome app that is perfect for calming down your children, as well as yourself. Choose from ocean, fireplace, rainstorm, and five other soothing sounds. It can be great for getting baby to calm down or even fall asleep. Another great thing is that it affects parents the same way it does children, so you can use it to calm yourself down in situations that could otherwise lead to headaches and stress (i.e. a crying baby). Free| Get App

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