Five Innovative and Original iPhone Games and Apps

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iphone apps gamesThe iTunes App Store was one of the most innovative and brilliant aspects of the iPhone when it was first unveiled and since then it has gone from strength to strength, growing in terms of the number of apps available, but also in terms of their originality and usefulness. By allowing anyone to develop apps, Apple brought a huge amount of innovation and creativity to its market and most likely even they couldn’t have predicted some of the genius ways that developers would make use of the ample hardware available to them on the iPhone.

Here we will look at some of the most impressive, original and exciting iPhone apps and games available for the system that really show off what can be accomplished with a little original thinking.


This is an augmented reality app, but not in the way you normally think of them. Usually augmented reality means taking digital information and overlaying it on top of a camera feed in order to provide details on things that you are looking at etc. However what makes this a truly unique app is that it focuses on sound in this way rather than video – and by plugging headphones in that have a mouthpiece it is able to pick up sounds from your surroundings and to edit them and alter them in such a way as to create a musical soundscape. This way every brush of your clothes and every footstep becomes part of an incredible soundtrack, and it’s an incredibly surreal experience. Get App

Mr Legs

One of the most unique games out there. Here you control a fellow with very long legs who walks through black and white worlds that look like they’re from the earliest Disney Cartoons to the sounds of classical music. Of course your aim is to eat cherries, which is a visual play on words (he’s a cherry picker…) and you do this by elongating his legs in order to navigate levels set inside handbags and other odd locations.

The Marvel AR App

The Marvel AR app is another augmented reality app, but again it’s more original than most – this time giving comics readers a way to get more from their funny books. Simply open the comic on a page that has an AR symbol and point the camera at it, and you will be presented with a 3D image, a short video, or a soundtrack in order to add to the experience. Get App

Robot Unicorn Attack

When it comes to original gaming it doesn’t get much more unique than controlling a robot unicorn that can shoot rainbows while listening to the music of Erasure. Made by Adult Swim it is a celebration in weirdness. Get App | Heavy Metal Edition | Christmas Edition


It’s old news now, but we shouldn’t forget how inventive Shazam really is – basically letting you hold your phone up during any piece of music in order to learn the name of the track, the artist and where you can download your copy. Thanks to Shazam you’re never left wondering what the name of a song is, and it’s taken this innovation further recently by letting you interact with advertising and TV programmes. Get App | Pro

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