Festive Holiday iPhone Apps Worth Paying For!

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most used apps for iphoneWhen the holidays roll around, it can be a little daunting to face the crowds, the consumerism, and the family. With your trusty smart phone by your side, however, things can get a lot easier and a lot more fun. Whether you’re fighting for the newest toys at the mall or stuck at one more family gathering that just will not end, check out these fun and handy apps and stay sane in the holiday madness.

Angry Birds Seasons

Even those notoriously angry birds are getting in the Christmas season. Angry Birds is based around the curiously-addictive concept of shooting small angry birds at structures and shelters that protect their natural enemy, the pig. The Seasons edition of Angry Birds allows you to access a new level every day until Christmas. Choose this app when you know that you’ll be spending a lot of time in check-out lines or doing a lot of waiting at airports or train stations. Download Angry Birds Seasons

Red Laser

A big part of the Christmas season is shopping—shopping for holiday groceries, shopping for gifts. Use your smartphone to its best advantage by downloading Red Laser, which allows you to scan a barcode and compare prices at local retailers and online, so you can be sure you’re getting the best deal. Download RedLaser

Good Food Festive Recipes

The BBC comes through for all of us who haven’t thought about what to make for the holiday feast. This app presents you with more than 100 holiday recipes as well as straight-forward, step-by-step instructions and illustrative photos. As an added bonus, all vegetarian dishes are clearly identified and there is a tips section where you can bone up on the basic kitchen techniques necessary for each dish. Download Good Food Festive Recipes

Christmas Radio

If you’re not tired of holiday music yet, if you hum Christmas carols wherever you go, use Christmas Radio as your own personal holiday soundtrack. With more than 31,000 stations to choose from, you’re sure to find the holiday melodies you want. This app lets you keep the tunes popping throughout the holiday season. Download Christmas RADIO

Christmas Sound Shelf

Crackling fires, jingling bells and festive tunes are all part of the holiday experience, and you can recreate the auditory effect buying Christmas Sound Shelf. There are 30 free sounds to choose from, with 50 available when you upgrade to the Pro version. This app lets you entertain your kids and surprise your coworkers. Download Christmas Sound Shelf

Christmas Tree Maker

Decorate a tree on your smart phone using Christmas Tree Maker. Choose the tree, the lights and the ornaments in this surprisingly simple, surprisingly engaging little app. Afterward, send your special tree to friends and family via email. This is a perfect way to keep kids occupied, as they can each decorate a tree to their tastes.

Keep your holidays sane by keeping your smartphone at your side. By using the right apps, you can entertain your kids and be a savvy shopper while keeping on top of the holiday’s frantic pace. Now if only they had an app that wrapped those presents for you… Download Christmas Tree Maker

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