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draw something iphoneDraw Something. Two words that you might have seen uttered in virtually every corner of Facebook and Twitter. Two words that should signal the sound “cha-ching”. Why? Because Draw Something is an app that has turned gold. With that said, let’s give OMGPOP, Draw Something’s developers a big round of applause. And, you can bet Zynga is applauding them as well, especially since it bought OMGPOP for a whopping $200 million a few weeks ago. And that bit of news, in itself, should signify that this review will sing praises for Draw Something. Let’s begin the breakdown.

Draw Something is a mobile app developed for the iOS devices market. In most circles, people call it a mixture of Pictionary and Words with Friends. However, in its most basic essence, Draw Something is just a touchscreen drawing application that allows for easy mobile sharing. Draw Something was designed especially for the iPhone, and it’s concept of drawing with your fingers captivated people immediately.draw something

Now, if you have downloaded the app (which you definitely should because it has a totally free version), you will notice that this social game is somewhat of a novelty. That is probably why it has netted over 20 million downloads from February to March. If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, it is highly recommended to invest a dollar for the paid version instead of the free version. This is because while the free version does not have limitations, it is littered with tons of ads that can be quite annoying and irritating, especially if you are in critical match with a group of friends. You can also play Draw Something Online using your PC or Mac, if you don’t want to play on your Smartphone.

So, how does it work? Typically, the game starts when you find someone to play with. Since the app has excellent Facebook integration, you can actually invite your Facebook friends to play with you. Once paired up, you will be asked to choose a word from the selection shown to you. You will be required to draw something with the word in mind and then send it to the other player. The other player will then receive the image you drew along with a bunch of letters that have been scrambled. From the drawing and the scrambled letters, he will need to deduce or guess what the word is. If he answers correctly, he gets a number of coins as an award and gets the next turn. From there, the game can go back and forth until the both of you get tired of it.

You are probably wondering what the coins are about. Well, the coins you earn can be used to purchase paint sets for your account. This way, you can tweak your drawings with a variety of non-default colors instead of the ever-boring black virtual ink that most people without coins use. The coins you collect may also be exchanged for bombs, which you can use to either replace the words given to you to choose from or any seemingly unnecessary letters.

While this highly popular social game may seem a whole lot of fun to most, many people (us included) have found a bunch of flaws with regards to motivation after several hours of play. There are no milestone rewards for 10, 20, or more consecutive guesses. There are no restrictions to writing the word instead of drawing it. There are no leader boards. These flaws are motivation killers that will eventually lead to fewer and fewer users logged on and playing.

In conclusion, while the idea of such a game is topnotch, the lack of certain structure and restrictions make Draw Something somewhat of a fad that will die down soon enough, unless OMGPOP can make some drastic changes fast, but hey, maybe Zynga had something in mind?

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