Co-founder of Apple Wants iPhone to be More Like Android

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apple wants iphone design like androidIt is undeniable that the iPhone created by Apple is one of the top smartphones on the market today. It is inevitably compared to other smartphone operating systems such as Android and Blackberry. The question of which is better remains to be told.

Steve Wozniak co-founded Apple in 1976 with Ronald Wayne and the late Steve Jobs. His primary phone is the Apple iPhone; however, he also owns an Android based phone and loves it. In fact, he wishes the iPhone compared the Android phone in several areas.

Wozniak concedes that Android’s voice recognition software is better than Siri, the iPhone’s voice recognition software. He states that when he speaks certain things into the iPhone, it cannot understand. However, when he takes out his Android and speaks the same thing into the phone, it is immediately understood the first time. The Apple co-founder states that when the software was simply an app, it worked quite well. Now that is built into the iPhone, it does not perform as well as anticipated.

For app developers, the Apple system is much more difficult. After speaking with a developer of Foursquare, it is realized that it takes much less time to both develop an app for Android and process the needed updates.

Wozniak also hands other features to the Android phone. For example, the battery life of an Android is much better than that of an iPhone. Although he does not state that Android’s mobile software system is better than Apple’s he does state that it is just as good. Wozniak says that an Android phone is just as good as an iPhone; it is a true competitor for Apple. This is a stark contrast to the Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac computer. The co-founder feels that the Mac is superior to the Windows based operating system. Unlike the Android, the Windows computer was never true competition.

Wozniak was seen snatching up a pre-release of the Galaxy Nexus Android phone. Being seen at the Google campus with the phone caused quite a stir with hardcore fans of Google. Andy Rubin, head of the Android operating system, and Wozniak are quite good friends. There are no harsh feelings between Apple and Android; only friendly competition exists.

There is no clear cut which phone is better. It is based simply on preference, loyalty, and how savvy the user is with a computer. Wozniak recommends that anyone who currently uses a Mac desktop or laptop should use an Apple iPhone. This is because they were designed to be compatible in every way. The other reason to use an iPhone that he mentions is anyone who does not like computers or is not familiar with some of its functions. The iPhone also has more a sleek design than most Android phones. To the technical savvy, he feels that the Android phone has more to offer than the iPhone does. It can overall do much more than an iPhone can. The “better” phone is based on user preference and ability.

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