Circle of 6: An Essential iPhone App for Women

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circle of 6We all know that cell phones have saved numerous lives, but what if you’re in a situation where you can’t make a call? That’s where apps come in handy. While it may sound crazy, there is actually a new app that is making big news as being a potential lifesaver for young women. How is this possible? What does it do? Let’s take a closer look at the free Circle of 6 app and why it’s an essential iPhone app for women.

What Is the Circle of 6 App?

The Circle of 6 iPhone app allows you to choose 6 close friends that you can get in contact with should you need help. Featured on MTV, the app was designed to help prevent violent situations, such as rape, before they happen. With two simple clicks on your iPhone, you can send a pre-programmed message and your location to 6 of your closest of 6What Can You Do With It?

While you may never expect to be in danger, you never know when it may be lurking around the corner. However, this app isn’t just for violent situations. The Circle of 6 app can help you get out of a number of bad situations, even a bad date. Imagine that you’re on a date and it’s going terribly, with a couple clicks of on your iPhone, you can let friends now that you need an interruption and send them a message to call you. Another great use for this app is that if you get separated from your friends while visiting a new town, you can send them a message letting them know where you are thanks to the GPS, which will show your exact location.

Why Do Women Need It?

The most obvious reason for downloading the Circle of 6 app is for protection. If a situation starts to get ugly, you can let your friends know exactly where you are at a moment’s notice. Even if you’re not sure where you are, the app will. Remember that no one ever expects to be caught in a dangerous situation, but it does happen. In fact, a woman is raped every 60 seconds in the United States. With this app, you can keep yourself from becoming a statistic.

The Circle of 6 iPhone app is a wonderful innovation for young women. You no longer have to worry about typing out a long message or trying to call a friend, while your date is in the bathroom. With two clicks on your iPhone, this free app will get the message to your closest friends.

Download the Circle of 6 App here

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