Your Christmas savvy iPhone- Some smart applications!

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chirstmas iphone applicationsWith Christmas knocking at your door, are you wondering how you’ll get this year through all the Christmas planning, cooking, shopping and with the entertainment? Do you own an iPhone? If answered yes, then you need not worry as this small gadget may be able to solve half of your problems with the plethora of apps that it has. Whether you would wish to get that turkey up a notch or gift someone with something special or just survive through all the festivities in the best possible way, there are iPhone applications that can make your task easier. Read on to get an idea of some such iPhone applications.

  • Epicurious Recipes and shopping list: You must have heard of the website named ‘Epicurious’. You may also get the seasonal recipes that you find there in your iPhone or iPad throughout the year if you have this application installed in it. If you get this application now, you may get the currently featured facilities like Christmas Dinners, Holiday Desserts, Christmas Cocktails, Christmas Cookies, Edible Gifts and Vegetarian Holiday fare. If you want to enjoy the Christmas cheer without going mad yourself, you should own this application on your iPhone. Download Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List
  • Scrabble: Scrabble is one of the oldest word-game that is also available in your iPhone. Just the way you play the scrabble on a board and with the dices, you can play it in the same way as expected through your iPhone. Therefore, when you’re enjoying your holidays during Christmas, what can a better idea than spending your time with your friends and kids playing scrabble on your iPhone and also increasing your vocabulary? Download SCRABBLE
  • Gift Plan: Would you want to run out of your house during the Christmas Eve celebration just because you forgot to buy a gift for your special someone? Bet you won’t! The iPhone application, Gift Plan makes sure that you never do such irresponsible activities. It can work for birthdays, anniversaries and on any festive occasion. You just include details like who you want to buy the present for, add the ideas and the date on which you want it. The Gift Plan will do the rest of the heavy job of reminding you at the appropriate time. Download Gift Plan
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas: You must have heard of the book ‘How the Grinch stole Christmas’ and if you want it in an interactive form, you can also get it in your iPhone. If your kids are not aware of the story, this application can read it out to them but let you exercise control over turning on to the next page whenever you want. Download How The Grinch Stole Christmas!

So, there you are! Use the above mentioned Christmas applications in your iPhone and make Christmas 2011 special and easy-going.

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