How To Save Money On Your iPhone Contract Taking An IP

save money on iphone contractsA new iPhone doesn’t come cheap, which is why a lot of people turn to mobile phone service providers and sign contracts that give them a phone now, and let them pay for it later More>>

How to Turn On the Character Counter in the Messages App on Your iPhone

iphone messages appTurning on the character counter feature for the “Messages” app on your iPhone is a great way to keep track of just how long your SMS text messages really are More>>

How to Set Location Based Reminders on Your iPhone

siri remindersThe iPhone uses your cellular data connection alongside an internal global positioning system to pinpoint your exact location as you travel throughout your day More>>

iPhone 4S A5 Processor Chip Depth Analysis

A5 processor chip Chipworks have posted a teardown on iPhone 4S for a more depth technical analysis of Apple’s latest chips. As there are many tear downs before one is done before by iFixit posted week ago.  Chipworks continued their depth analysis with the teardown pictures of ifixit and they major focused on A5 processor chip work. More>>