Capture pictures in water with “the iPhone Scuba Suit”

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iphone scuba suit for underwaterThe “iPhone Scuba Suit”  is a waterproof case made by Photojojo. It is a cover that protect you iPhone in a way that you can easily use it in water.

If dipping your iPhone in water sounds inconceivable, conceive it! Each iPhone Scuba Suit is factory tested to guarantee that not a single drop will get inside. The case latches shut to create a liquid airtight barrier that keeps your iPhone safe underwater. We’ve tested this case with our own precious iPhones, so you know it’s the real deal.

iphone scuba suit for underwaterUnlike many other underwater cases this iPhone scuba suit contains features of touch sensitive gel screen cover that  works even you are in water.


● Take iPhone photos underwater up to 15 feet deep!
● Safely shoot photos with your iPhone in the snow, beach, pool, etc
● 100% waterproof, each case is factory tested
● Gel screen cover allows your phone to be touch-sensitive underwater
● Optical grade lens cover preserves the clarity and quality of your shots
● Cushioned to protect your iPhone if dropped
● Waterproof headphone jack
● Works with iPhone 4/4S only

You can buy “The iPhone Scuba Suit” for $60 from their website [Click Here to buy]

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