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bug heroes iphoneFor all those bug lovers, I hope you can stand some bug killing action because it’s a bug’s world out there. They say cockroaches can survive a nuclear holocaust I doubt they can survive this. Bug Heroes is an enthralling creation from the famed Foursaken Media, made especially for the iPhone. It actually makes you feel like you are in the movies. I would have asked you to sit back relax and grab some popcorn but then, to forsake not, for it’s you who play the game!

bug heroes iphone gameA chunk of the game takes place in its adventure mode where you do battle in four diverse environments using a blend of three different characters as you guard a stockpile of food while getting attacked by hungry insect enemies. What was on their mind when they created this wonder flick? This is innovative thinking at its best.

As you defeat the different enemies, you earn money which can be used for carrying up various types of upgrades. You can better your arsenal in a bid to increase the offense of each the three characters. And we are not talking bug sprays here but high tech weapons. This game involves one exploring each environment to gather additional food and build a bigger stockpile while also keeping enemies at bay. The game ends when all three characters die, or your entire food reserve is depleted.

The game has three characters each having its own strengths and limitations. Each of these has a unique playing style, so make sure you come up with a well-thought-of strategy before you start to tango. Each of these characters can be interchanged to suit the situation in check. Like every villain story, there are several enemy types in Bug Heroes, of varying size, shape and stature.

Foursaken Media is also the developers of the popular game title N.Y. Zombies. This is an equally action packed game for the diehard action fanatics. Its launch was greatly anticipated with a trailer launch in 2010. Bug Heroes was at the first time met by skeptics since its dual stick shooter and feature list were somewhat unrealistic. Since its initial stages, the game has been a hit raking premium reviews from most game lovers. Today, Bug Heroes retails at $1.99 in the App Store. Unlike most games, Bug Heroes did not struggle to sale on its launch. The game gave the company strong sales and excellent reviews with its trailer and then later its final product.

It seems that Foursaken Media has provided all their promised gameplay variety as expected. Pardon, beyond expectation! The gameplay is remarkable and comes as a revolution for Foursaken Media, who struggled to develop a true bestselling game to this point. In fact, they even launched a similar game, called Bug Heroes Quest to further capitalize their success. It’s no wonder the sales have been high since its launch!

Overall, Bug Heroes is a great iPhone game. The graphics are great, the soundtrack is awesome and the gameplay rocks.Who knows maybe this might be the ultimate Armageddon after all – remember the phrase bugs will rule the world?It’s definitely like that in this one. Who needs bug spray when you got Bug Heroes? The bug killing business is on a boom, so let the games begin!

You can download this great game for your iPhone from here: Free | Pro | Deluxe Version

bug heroes game reviewbug heroes for iphone

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