Blackberry and Apple – New Age Mobile Phone Concepts

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iphone new age conceptsIt is ironic that two of the world’s best known mobile phone brands should be named after two of the simplest names among fruits; these are easy to eat and digest while being extremely health friendly. Can we say the same about the phones too? Well if you are basically not tech savvy this may be a difficult proposition for you to handle especially with the plethora of functions and features that have been packed within the software of these phones. This is not to mention the other couple of hundred thousand that are waiting to be downloaded and used. For the new ranges of phones there is a new range of technologically equipped generation of youngsters and professionals who have found an appropriate use for the various types of applications that are available.

Blackberry Phones

This is a range of Smartphone devices that pioneered the use of the QWERTY keypad and the wider breadth dimensions of the mobile phones. This was brought in the market by RIM or Research in Motion. It was also one of the earliest phones to have supported the push email concept, web browsing and internet access along with sending and receiving text messages. There is a proprietary operating system devised by RIM that is used with Blackberry phones. It supports Wi-Fi connectivity along with several other operations of the internet. There are third party applications too which are supported by this OS and even used by the successive ranges of the Smartphone. One of the latest inclusions with the Blackberry range of phones is the messenger service of the company.

There are several series of the Blackberry range of phones like those of Curve, Bold, Storm and Torch among others. Among these there are devices that support and operate on 3g connectivity and perform a wide range of functions with Bluetooth, camera, internet browsing and access, emails, chat and Wi-Fi connectivity among others.

Apple iPhones

For a better part of the past two years the media and a considerable section of the international community of phone lovers and enthusiasts have been patiently anticipating the arrival of a range of iPhones from Apple Inc. first came the iPhone 2G that was followed by the 3G phone and finally took the world by storm with the latest arrival of the 4G version of the same. To understand the innovative changes of each it is important to understand the features of the 2g phone which is also regarded as the original version. It was the first of the touch screen version of a phone that the world had seen and met with huge popularity in the US and later in the world.

However this was soon followed by the iPhone 3G which was a huge development from its predecessor; this had many of the features of its earlier version like the 2 megapixel camera and support for video recording. There were quite a few features that had been upgraded to better operational functionality of the software. The latest version of the 4g phone has some of the advanced multimedia features along with internet browsing and high speed email access. There is an all new feature of video calling that was also introduced. This is one of the sleek designs of lightweight Smartphone introduced by Apple Inc.

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