Best Web Browsing Apps for iPhone!

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best web browser apps for iphoneWeb browsing capability is not the defining qualities of smartphones unfortunately. This is primarily because this capability was already available on a number of phone models that were designed and produced many years earlier than first iPhone.

Nevertheless, web browsing is one of the most basic and common functionalities of smartphones. No smartphone today can ever be as functional as it is if it is not installed with an efficient smartphone app. If you are searching for the best web browsers on your iPhone, just read one below:

Google Chrome – it is a bit ironic that a web browser by a competing company is on an iPhone. Regardless, Chrome has been one of the most decent web browsers that became available to the iOS. The interface is rather intuitive, combining both elements of the original browser and newer functionalities of a touchscreen. If you are a regular Chrome user for the PC, you’ll find navigation a breeze. Another notable functionality is the option to directly log-in to your Google Account. Get Chrome

Opera Mini Web Browser – commonly hailed as the most efficient and user-friendly browsers designed for mobile devices, the Opera mini web browser invaded the iPhone as soon as it reached the iOS. It features options essentially available to its other versions on other mobile devices. However its most notable feature is of course its webpage compression system that lets you load non-mobile device optimized pages in a flash. Get Opera mini

Mercury Web Browser (Pro version) – this web browser is a little different from other mobile web browser in its layout. It uses a full interface, desktop-style layout that is surprisingly optimized for 10 and 4-inch devices. It’s also notable because it has other options not naturally available to Safari (the crucial downloading option for example). As it is a Pro version however, it is not free, and you would need a small amount in order to install it to your device. Get Mercury Browser

iCab Mobile – tweaks and added options can make a web browser infinitely better than other browsers. The options however, must first be “aligned” perfectly to avoid user confusion, and that is what has been perfectly done by the iCab Mobile. Added with its intuitive and responsive usability, it is undoubtedly one of the best web browsers for the iOS. It’s basically many web-based apps rolled into one neat package. If not for the price tag, it would have been our best pick for this list. Get iCab

Dolphin Browser – this web browser won our hearts as probably the best iPhone web browser that was ever made. Made with access speed and variable customizability, the app is able to give a huge number of browsing options, while keeping the essentials clearly present for us to use if we simply want regular browsing. The touchscreen gesture-based letter commands were absolutely convenient, and frankly, quite fun to do. Best of all, it is absolutely free, save for the optional Sonar IAP, which is available for $0.99. Get Dolphin Browser

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