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More roads are being built every day and navigating the cities are more confusing than ever. Looking for a place to eat, tourist attraction, shopping mall or a motel can be a trying experience unless you have the right tools for the job. House hunting can be made more pleasant if you don’t get lost. These are best gps apps that are affordable and will help with you with your searches.

AmAze GPS:

Finding your way around the world can sometimes be extremely difficult without guidance. AmAze GPS is a free GPS guidance app that gives turn-by-turn directions. This app also features useful information on destinations such as gas stations and eateries. Features include color graphics and voice software, both designed to help with guidance on the road. This is a fantastic app to use if you are looking to find your way to certain locations and the fact that it is free is even more of a draw for those who are mindful of how much things cost. Free | Pro


This is another app that uses the GPS feature of the iPhone to track distance. However, this app also keeps track of how much money is spent on gasoline and other factors of a trip. This can be useful for those who wish to keep track of how many miles they are travelling in order to be reimbursed. This is especially useful for those who have jobs that require them to be on the road constantly, such as delivery drivers and truckers. The interface is extremely easy to use and navigate and is great for anyone who does not want to waste time typing lots of numbers. Free

Free GPS:

This is a GPS app that is extremely easy to understand and use. Unlike other GPS apps, this one has a very simple graphic interface, where one can travel by longitude and latitude coordinates. This may not be useful for all people, but is a great way to get to a destination approximately. The software guides the user by way of a compass with an arrow pointing to the specific point in which the user should head in. This GPS app is very easy to use and understand and is great for those who just want something simple. Free


When people take trips on the road, they often don’t consider the fact that they may be passing up interesting destinations or important stops like places to eat or gas stations. iWant allows you to find places to eat, attractions and gas stations along the road. This is especially useful for people who are planning a long trip or are constantly on the road. The graphic interface is extremely high quality and eye-catching as well as very easy to navigate and use. Free | Pro


The Waze app for the iPhone allows users to interact with others who have downloaded the same application. What this means is that while its primary function is a GPS navigator, you may also be able to tell the locations of others you have friended in the app. This adds a whole new dimension to the application and allows for a great deal of excitement and exploration.

This is an app that looks and functions beautifully with many different options and menus. The interactivity of this app is one of the many reasons it is rated so highly in the market at the moment. This app is great for people who love to add social networking aspects to their iPhone experience as well as enjoy having something that functions wonderfully when getting them from place to place. Free

GPS Tracker:

The GPS Tracker application for the iPhone allows you to plot a course using geolocation software. This means that you can broadcast your whereabouts as you make a trek or journey across a certain area. Many hikers and road-trippers have found this app to be extremely useful when they are taking their trips. One of the most useful features of this app allows you to broadcast your trip on a website, so others can see where you are and what your destination is. This app is extremely easy to use and looks beautiful on the iPad screen. Those who love to take long trips or spend time outdoors will have a blast using this specific iPhone app. Free

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