The Best iPhone Apps for Travel!

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best iphone apps for travelLet your iPhone be your ideal travelling companion. Whether you’re travelling alone or with friends; around the world or just to the très jolie shores of France, there is an iPhone app out there that can make every marauders life just that little bit easier. So here are the best iPhone apps that you should have while travelling…


This is the most flexible and powerful flight search app in the world, well according to the developers anyway who’ve been working hard to make version two as successful as the first. Skyscanner compares millions of flights on over 600 airlines and always finds the cheapest dates to fly. For example, let’s say you were thinking of flying to Australia from the UK but were flexible about when you could fly. Using the Australia page on the Skyscanner website as an example (as opposed to the iPhone app) you can compare flights to see whether it’s cheaper to fly from your home airport or another and more importantly when is cheaper to fly that month or even over the course of a year.

Cool Places

These fantastic, trendy and extremely informative guides to UK destinations are perfect for exploring your own back yard, whether you’re flying around the country or taking a road trip. Covering more than 30 towns and cities, the ‘Cool Places’ guides tell you where to eat and drink, what to see, adventurous things to do and of course where you can bunk down for the night. All the info is in prefect bite size pieces and there are lovely photos and handy maps too.

Healix Travel Vaccinations

Not the most exciting of apps, but definitely a must have when preparing for adventures to exotic places. This app does what it says on the tin, providing accurate and up to the minute advice on what vaccinations you are required to have, anywhere in the world. It also provides you with travel risk advice so you know what to look out for en-route. Remember your health is the most important thing you have!


Good old Wikipedia just got even more interesting. This snazzy app lets you point your iPhone camera at your surroundings, while clever Wikitude then finds your location and tells you all the exciting things you can do in the area, what to see, where to sleep and where you can get some great grub and a well earned drink.

Currency Exchange

Always handy, whether you’re off to the Spanish coast or a whistle stop tour of the whole world. Knowing exchange rates and what is worth what is a good thing, especially if you have a lot of destinations and currencies to contend with. This great little app let’s you do quick and easy conversions from and to every currency imaginable, so you can always be sure you’re not being fleeced!


It doesn’t sound like a very pleasant app but fear not, it does nothing untoward. This groovy app has revolutionised language learning by using the unusual method of mesmerising music to get your brain to remember important phrases and words in different languages. Many swear by its strange effectiveness. Give these 70 minute audio sessions a shot.


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