Best iPhone Apps for the Business Professional!

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iphone apps for businessThe iPhone has quickly become the standard among all other competitors in the smart phone arena. The allure to this phone stems in great part from the over 500,000 applications found in the Apps Store. While the games and other entertainment features are nice, the phone really sets the bar high with its business apps.

Just like anything else, there is a deal of preference involved to determine what is practical for each individual user. There is, however enough business apps out there to cater to any and all. Here’s a quick list of some of the most resourceful business iPhone apps making headlines in the market today.


Skype has revolutionized the way in which people communicate. This carried over well into the business sector. Of course, it’s only fitting that this technology be used via iPhone now as well. Free video calling has made it an absolute favorite among business owners. The app is free, but some of the features will require additional costs. Free

Dragon Recorder:

This is quickly becoming a powerful tool in the arsenal for businesses. Instead of having note pads tucked away in pockets or having scribbles everywhere, the Dragon app is a voice recorder for these ideas. These audio files can then be e-mailed to an assistant, or secretary for transcription using other Nuance software. With a current price tag of free, it’s a must have. Free


LinkedIn falls in line with many of the other social sites, except this networking site was for businesses. Now there is over 120 million users plugged into LinkedIn, and it has become a major player in recruitment for jobs and other acquisitions. It’s also a great way for businesses to keep current with any troubles that may present themselves within their industry. This is another one that is free to download. Free

XE Currency:

This currency calculator has become the trusted source on the iPhone as evident by its over 5 million downloads. This is ideal for those business professionals that travel internationally. The calculator converts the live currency rates within seconds, and is updated every minute. It also keeps tabs on precious metals found throughout the world. Best of all, it’s free. Free

FileMaker Go:

This app literally puts the office right on the iPhone. Digital signatures, view expense reports, close sales deals, and checking inventory are just a few of the things that this resourceful app can handle. Of course, all these things can be neatly filed away as well. In fact, these databases can even be e-mailed to other team members. While this one isn’t free like the others, for less than 20 bucks it’s a steal. Free

Business Card Reader:

This crafty little app is saving wallet space around the world. Business cards are great, but are sometimes a pain to keep filed, or tucked away in the wallet. This app actually scans the text on the business card, and imports it into the phone for safekeeping. It even has a few bonus features for those that spend under five dollars on it. Free


It’s hard keeping up with the stock market and the busy schedules of a professional only compound these difficulties. The Bloomberg app is the standard for receiving up-to-date news, and stock market quotes. The features also provide market analysis, company specs, and can even be customized with a particular watch list. This one’s on the house. Free

Trip Cubby:

Realtors, and contractors alike, are well aware of those tax deductions available to them for their mileage. With over $.50 per mile claimed as a deduction, anyone who travels for their business needs to keep these tabs. Trip Cubby is an app on the iPhone that can help them organize all this. It keeps track of miles, has charts for sorting out the type of mileage, and it is extremely easy to use. It’s a must-have for fewer than three dollars. Free | Pro

The iPhone has become an invaluable resource for professionals. Not only are the apps convenient for working remotely, but many of them are also very practical in their own right. If these applications are any indication of what is to come, it will change businesses worldwide.

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