Best iPhone apps for staying organized

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iphone organization appsTen years ago, we mostly used heavy and cumbersome Filofaxes and calendars to stay organized. Fast forward to the present day and we are heavily relying on web based applications to keep track of all our contacts and arrangements. Using our smartphones in conjunction with the web to stay organized has become the norm. Here are our favorite iPhone apps for those who like to keep on top things.


One of the most popular organizational apps for the iPhone, Evernote is perfect for those who like to document and organize notes, images and sounds. If you find yourself needing to capture something on the internet or in the real world, you can use Evernote’s snipping tool and your phone’s built-in camera to save important information. This is then uploaded to the Evernote server for backup purposes. With a huge amount of tagging options, finding and organizing your work is extremely simple. Get App

Completion app

If you often find yourself overwhelmed with uncompleted tasks, using some form of task manager can be of great help. Completion is a task managing application that is beautifully simple yet effective. Start by entering a new task and assigning it to a group (work/household/personal). You can specify reminders, add notes and priorities all your tasks at hand, deleting them once you’re finished. Get App

Organizer app

This app is an all in one solution for those wanting to use their iPhone as an organizer. Whether you need to make a note, document events, save maps and pictures, add contacts or add a date to your calendar, Organizer can do it all. The great thing about this app is that it’s been designed to be used like a piece of paper, allowing the user to determine how they can organise their information. Get App

Bill Minder

Keeping track of bills is often difficult when faced with mammoth work and personal commitments. If you find it hard to stay on top, Billminder can remind you of payment dates with its built-in calendar and even make payments in conjunction with a related app called Debtminder. Get App


If you happen to work on a number of devices between work and home, using an application such as Dropbox will allow you to access your important files from any location. Using cloud based storage; you can download and access your files from any location as long as you have access to the internet. Get App

With most of these applications releasing regular updates, you may find your old iPhone slowing down and struggling to run all of them at once. If you think you may need a new handset, why not search around to find the best iPhone 4 deals to keep yourself organized.

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