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iphone apps for pilotsHow many things can you do in a cockpit while flying? That’s the reason so many pilots are turning to their iPhones, iPads, and other smart devices to not only make certain tasks are easier to do, but eliminated the need for other tools. Here are five apps that will not only make flying easier, but maybe even more fun as well.

Wing X Pro 7

wingx pro 7This app could be called the hardest working GPS ever made if that is all it did. Not hardly. The Wing X Pro 7 app is a powerhouse of useful data packed into one easy to use package. First, it has VFR sectionals that can be zoomed and pinched. Further, the Wing X Pro 7 gives pilots a fully functioning base to tell them what is above as well as what is below them in the air. It also gives them real time weather information as well as approach charts and temporary flying restrictions on moving maps so that they have the most complete information with them at all times. Even if you need two moving maps, the split screen capabilities are possible on this application. Get App

Flight Computer

flight computerThis flight computer app comes with massive amounts of functionality and will easily replace your flight computer for your pilot training or planning needs. Get App

Log Ten Pro Universal Logbook

log ten universal logbookThis is perhaps the ultimate logbook for iPad and iPhone. The Log Ten Pro Universal Logbook for iPad and iPhone is fully functional to match where you fly most often as well as the type of flying you do. Getting started is simple. Just set up the fields for whether you’re a student, a flight instructor or a professional commercial pilot, then you can input data into highly intuitive fields. Everything else is hidden to stay out of your way until you call for it. Get App

FAA Instruments Procedures Handbook eBook

FAA Instrument Procedures HandbookThis is the eBook format for the classic manual for instrument pilots who want to maximize their skills under IFR rules. This handbook includes the most up to date information that will allow you to operate safely. Complete sections cover all phases of flight operations from take-off and landing to everything in-between. The text comes complete with an extensive glossary that will make it useful to all pilots, no matter what stage of their careers they are in, students to professionals. Get App

FAA Student Pilot’s Guide eBook

FAA Student Pilot's Guide eBookThe FAA Student Pilot’s Guide is the FAA’s basic handbook issued to pilots to help them attain their license, whether they already have their training underway or are still contemplating earning their license. This is a general information source, written in a how-to-do-it style that is easy to use and follow. This text gives pilots, regardless of their license goals, the basic information about their responsibilities, safety issues, and other matters of concern on their journey to a license. Get App

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