Best iPhone Apps for Pet Lovers!

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iphone apps for pet loversYes, today there are web-based and other technological applications for even the most dedicated pet and iPhone owners. You may be looking for a pet for you or you may worry whether your pooch is in perfect health. Here are the best iPhone Apps like Pet Notebook, Pet vet Records, Petfinder, and others may be just for you.

Adopting a pet

For those who can’t make up their mind about adopting a pet, the mobile app may prove rather useful. This app lets you look up almost 300,000 pets from thousands of shelters. You can share pet profiles with other people, read adoption tales, and maybe eventually decide on adopting.

Organizing important information

You found a pet already. Now you may worry about forgetting important details about it. The Pet Notebook is an excellent organization tool and app. It allows you to enter information about your pet like its birth date, microchip number, photos, medication it has to be given, and so on. This works for one or more pets.

Health-related applications

What is the most important thing when it comes to caring for a pet? Its health. If you are the owner of a special, rare breed like the Chinese shar pei, you know why it is often called “every vet’s nightmare”. Once a brave fighter and a true comrade of every Chinese soldier, today this nightmarish puppy has been demoted to a rare, exotic breed that is hard to take care of. These puppies do not fare well on American soil and are constantly ill. You probably have your vet on speed dial. Well, not anymore. With the app Pet Vet Records, you can keep track of the puppy’s vet records more easily.

MiPets is another special app for Smartphone users. It records all kinds of information about your pet – veterinary, medication, and more. If you decide to take your pet with you on vacation, you can use MiPets to locate services for pet facilities in the region. Apart from helping you take care of your pet’s health, this app can also store photos fom your library or camera and allows you to e-mail or upload them to Facebook. This way, you can be certain that all your friends and acquaintances will see the photos.

Finding off-leash parks

You can’t let your dog run around at will, can you? Yet, what can you do when you know it wants to? Get the special iPhone Off Leash app. This lets you see the 5 closest off-leash park locations, including directions on how to reach them. It is based on the phone’s inbuilt GPS system.

Beauty contests for your puppy

One app that has proven quite popular with young people is the Rate My Puppy. It lets you show nice pictures of your pet, rate other pets, and take part in pet “beauty” contests.

Finding all about your pet

This may be bordering on obsession, but a new and useful tool is the All Pets Radio. On this radio, you can listen to tips, news, and everything else about all kinds of pets 24/7. Interestingly, it has proven quite popular.

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