Best iPhone Apps for Overcoming Writers Block!

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As a writer, it’s important to be able to come up with lots of different ideas. You look for inspiration everywhere you turn, but sometimes it’s difficult to think of what to write. If you have an iPhone, there are lots of apps available in the iTunes App Store that are designed to help you overcome the frustrating peril of writer’s block. Here are some of the best apps to help you through your writing struggles.

Rory’s Story Cubes

This app is a game that is tons of fun to play with other people, but it’s also a perfect method of working through writer’s block on your own. Just shake and the story cubes will roll. They contain many different simple pictures. Connect the pictures, and as you go create a story to go along with them. It’s a great writing exercise to get your creative juices flowing again. You can also enjoy playing with your family and friends, so it’s certainly worth the $1.99 it costs. There are 9 cubes with 54 different images, meaning there are more than 10 million possible combinations, and you’ll never run out of inspiration. Download


This app will help you overcome your writer’s block by posing a variety of questions to you. The questions will help you express your ideas and take a deeper look inside yourself. They may also provide you with some inspiration for your work. Answer questions directly in the app, and save your answers to view or edit later. It costs $1.99, and it’s a great way to explore different ideas with thought-provoking and meaningful questions. Download

Writer’s Muse

This app offers a few different ways to help you with your writer’s block. There is a slot machine-like feature that spins to combine three different words that suggest a character, plot, and resolution. You can get random combinations, or you can choose your own elements. There are also tips, cures, and strategies to help you find other ways to beat the block. It costs $1.99. Download

Breaking the Block

This app is another random idea generator, which is always a helpful tool for writers who are having trouble coming up with ideas. Choose a category, and this app will give you a unique and interesting suggestion that you can use as it appears or as a springboard for creating your own ideas. It will suggest different characters, setting, first lines, plots, and or a random selection from any of those categories. The interesting ideas contained in this app are sure to inspire writers of all genres, especially fiction. It costs just $0.99. Download

Writer’s Block Buster

This is an incredibly comprehensive app designed to help you beat the block in a wide variety of ways. It will generate random story and character selections for you, or it will suggest ideas and twists based on the characters, plots and scenes you come up with. It gives you a place to develop and flesh out all the different aspects of your writing, and it will help you improve your writing in general. You can practice with writing prompts, and review 25 different types of plots. It also has suggestions for punctuation, prepositions, and more than 100 alternatives to the word “said.” This app costs $3.99. Download

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