Best Free iPhone Apps for Easter!

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free easter iphone appsEaster-time is here again! It’s such a great holiday, because it usually means Spring is finally here and the weather is warming up. You get to spend some time with your loved ones and enjoy dyed eggs and chocolate bunnies. If you’re feeling festive this year, why not download some of these best free apps for Easter on your iPhone?

Easter Basket Maker | Free

This adorable app allows you to make customized, virtual Easter baskets to email to your friends. Design everything yourself, starting with selecting the basket. Then, fill it with grass, chocolate bunnies, colored eggs, and more. There are lots of different varieties to choose from. You can also design a vase of Easter flowers if you prefer. It’s a simple way to make your loved ones smile.

Easter – Spot the Difference | Free

This game is so simple, yet very addicting and fun. It’s a traditional “Spot the Difference” game. You’ll be shown two photographs of the same, real-life Easter decoration scenes. But upon closer inspection, there are subtle differences. See if you can spot them all – it’s tougher than you’d think!

Color Me!!! Easter | Free

Your kids will love this app that allows them to color a wide array of different Easter-themed scenes and pictures, like bunnies, eggs, and flowers. They’ll choose a coloring page, and then color it in just by touching the screen. There are lots of colors to choose from, and it’s easy to restart with a little shake of your iPhone. Your kids can save their works of art to their gallery for future viewing.

Easter Cards (PHOTO2cards) | Free

Procrastinating on your Easter cards this year? This app makes it easy to create personalized Easter cards and share them with your friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, or email. Use your saved photos or create new ones to insert into the Easter-themed card of your choice. Write a personal message, and you’re good to go. The best thing about this app is that once you download it, it will change throughout the year so you can create cards for other holidays, too. There is also an ad-free version for $1.99 that makes your photo cards in HD.

Angry Bunny’s Easter Egg-splosion! | Free

This fun 3D game has a different take on Easter – an angry bunny navigating a sleigh in the sky, dropping rotten eggs for naughty kids to find. You control the sleigh, and help the angry Easter Bunny with his mission, also dropping chocolate eggs for the good kids. A simple game that gets progressively more difficult, you’ll definitely be able to waste some time with it this Easter.

Easter Bunny Egg Hunt 3D | Free

In this game, the good Easter Bunny needs your help locating all of his lost Easter eggs. You’ll scour the countryside to find all 40 colored eggs before time runs out and return them to his basket. It’s another fun, 3D game to play this holiday. Challenge yourself to improve your time and beat your friends’ scores.

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