Be Prepared for an Emergency with iPhone Apps!

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Emergency iphone appsYou can buy iPhone apps for finding the cheapest gas while on travel, teaching the kids how to spell, and just for passing the time. Apps are available for taking control of your finances and even losing weight. If you’re interested in being more prepared for emergencies, then you will be thrilled to know that there are also apps for that.

Hospitals App – $0.99

You never know when an emergency might strike, especially when you’re traveling in the car. This app is only a dollar to buy, and it will tell you where the nearest hospitals are in your area. Loaded with more than 10,000 hospitals across the nation, this handy app just might save your life.

First Aid – $1.99

It’s a good idea to have a first aid kit in the car, but do you really know what it should contain? More importantly, do you know what to do with all those items? This educational app gives you all the information you need, including a quick button to call for local help. It also provides you with quick directions for CPR and first aid basics.

All Weather Pro – $1.99

Whether you love the great outdoors or just love to travel in the car, it’s a good idea to know what’s going on with the weather. Being aware of where serious storms are can help you avoid becoming stranded. Get weather information based on location including forecasts, warnings and current conditions.

Pocket Lawyer – Free

This app isn’t about trying to file frivolous lawsuits, but it is designed to help you protect yourself in case of an accident. It includes a checklist of what you should do if you get in an accident, along with guidelines for collecting witness information. Review your legal rights and take all the right steps when you have this app in your phone.

Car Accident Apps – Free

There are countless car accident apps available, so you don’t have to choose the one from a law office. A better choice might be a free app offered by your own insurance carrier. The nice thing about these apps is that they connect directly to your carrier, making it easy to get the claim started. Before making a final decision, be sure you choose one that will let you create a detailed accident report and a checklist of what to do.

Here I am – $0.99

Calling for help is a great idea, and this app makes it easier than ever before. This app sends your location to a friend, along with a map showing where you are. It can be used to call for help when you’re lost in the woods, or when you’re lost at the mall.

SAS Survival Guide – Free – $5.99

A must-have app for anyone who likes heading to the great outdoors, this app is a wealth of information. Once it’s downloaded to your phone it doesn’t require a Wi-Fi or cell signal to work. The app offers detailed information on surviving tornados, car accidents and urban disasters like plane crashes. It also has interesting quizzes, cool videos and checklists. It even allows you to turn your phone into a morse code signaling device and a sun compass.

Any of these apps will help you get through an accident or emergency. They can give you the guidance you need when you aren’t sure what to do, and they can even save your life when disaster strikes. Download a few today so you can be prepared for whatever tomorrow brings.

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