Are You Looking for the Dream iPhone 5 Deal – Unlimited Everything?

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iphone 5 dealsIf you have decided on an iPhone 5 as your phone your next step is to decide what compromises to make on the deal. Unlimited calls, texts and data deals are very difficult to find.

Think about the reasons you want unlimited everything. The usual reason is so that you know the size of the monthly bill for your daughter’s phone. This is a valid reason to seek out an unlimited deal, but most network providers do not offer them as part of a monthly contract.

Unlimited Texts

These are commonly available with all networks including unlimited texting in one or more monthly contracts. The target market is young people who are frequently texting one another. If you find an unlimited text deal it will take the sting out of the fact that you are not willing to pay the price of an unlimited calls and data deal.

Unlimited Calls

Deals with unlimited calls are widely available, too; some deals even combine unlimited calls and texts.  These deals come at a premium price however and you need to check previous bills to see whether one of the limited but generous call package deals would work just as well.

If your daughter’s previous bills show that she only uses 700 minutes a month then a deal that includes 900 minutes is more than adequate; perhaps she just needs to exercise a bit of restraint.

Unlimited Data

This is the biggie. At the time of writing T-Mobile is the only UK phone network offering an unlimited iPhone 5 data deal and it does not include unlimited calls and texts.

There are very generous, but fixed amounts of data usage included in other networks’ deals. If unlimited data use is essential then it limits your network choice severely.

If you read the small print all operators have a “fair use” clause T-Mobile’s says that the company will restrict any streaming and downloads once you go over the (secret) limit on your account. T-Mobile says you will not be charged extra for exceeding your limit.

Phone Choice

Unlimited data use suggests that a 16Gb storage capacity might be insufficient. You will need to think about the 32Gb or 64Gb iPhone 5 models. The bigger numbers equate to bigger solod state hard drive storage capacity for apps, videos and music.

Up-Front Payments

All operators offer a lower monthly payment if you are willing to take a plan that includes a substantial payment towards the cost of your iPhone 5. The only way to compare these deals is to calculate the total cost of ownership over the 12 or 24 months of the contract.

Sim Free

There is one way to get unlimited everything. T-Mobile offer an unlimited calls, texts and data deal on a sim-only basis. This means you buy your iPhone 5 outright from any retailer and you just pay the network for the use you make of their facilities. As of September 2012 British network T-Mobile offer an unlimited everything Sim only package for £21 a month with a 12 month contract.

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