Apps Now Carry Incentives

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iphone apps nowApps have changed the world. They have made several aspects of life easier or more convenient, such as banking, planning and organizing. However, as the world of apps continues to grow, app developers and companies need to find new ways to attract audiences. As a result, many apps offer incentives for users.

It wasn’t long ago that the slogan, “There’s an app for that,” was one of the most popular phrases in the nation, but now that slogan is becoming more of a reality than people have ever dreamed, forcing some people to believe that apps will completely revolutionize marketing trends.

Incentives started with apps like Groupon and Foursquare. By using geo-location many people received accolades and even valuable rewards for checking in to certain places and completing tasks given by the apps. For example, a pizza place owner wants to grow his business, so he creates a coupon deal with Foursquare and Groupon. The deal is this: For every four check ins a user has at that pizza place, he or she gets the coupon that the pizza place owner created with the apps. Before these incentives, foursquare players may have only received special titles for the check ins they made. Now, there is a whole new reason to check in.

Airline companies are using these same incentive concepts to help influence people to choose their airline. They offer air miles for flyers who choose their airlines. Some companies may have special deals for users who complete certain objectives on different apps.

This type of marketing is beyond revolutionary, it is engaging and fun for users who already like to eat out, travel and discover new places. It also gives them an incentive to use geo-location apps on their phone whenever they arrive at different places. This allows marketers constant tabs on their following, and offers users unique offers based on their location.

For people who never understood the concept of “checking in,” they should now understand the innovation behind the concept and the potential it has to completely change the business world. Additionally, business owners should now understand that there are great new ways to market their company.

As this marketing trend grows, more geo-location app developers and companies will team up to create different incentives for potential customers. However, it will be the companies and app developers who take advantage of the new trend first who will come out the true winners.

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