Apple’s Next-Gen iPhone 5 Mockup!

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iphone 5 mockup new 2011Most of us are keenly waiting for the Apple’s next-gen iPhone 5, surely which will change everything once again and will take the smartphone market by surprise. Nothing official but only thing we can do is to look different mockups, so here we’ve got a new iPhone 5 mockup posted at macrumors forum by a new member dto.

Although we cannot expect iPhone 5 to be the same, but it gives us some idea on the thickness of the next iPhone which is supposed to be coming  in next month. But i personally think that iPhone 5 will be much more thinner and lighter than iPhone 4 and ofcourse not to forget the new features alongside iOS 5. But for this we’ll have to wait and see…

What do you think about this?

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via: macrumors