Apple starts replacing iPhone 4 with iPhone 4S!

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iphone 4 and iphone 4sLooking to get yourself a new iPhone 4S, now Apple has given the White 16GB iPhone 4 customers a chance to get a free replacement to White iPhone 4S 16GB, just because of the supply shortages of the iPhone 4 model.

According to our sources, Apple has ordered Apple Store Genius Bars to replace the white iPhone 4 16GB units with the white iPhone 4S, for those customers having issues with their iPhone 4. This is done because the supply of white iPhone 4 replacement units is heavily constrained.  This offer will not be applicable at all Apple store but surely will give some iPhone 4 users seeking hardware changes, an opportunity to get Siri, A5 chip, and a 8 MP camera.

But remember the iPhone 4S would be a refurbished 16GB White, but none the less it will be a fully featured new iPhone 4S.

So all those iPhone 4 users who are facing hardware issues , head over to Apple Store to see if you are lucky enough to get an iPhone 4S.

We don’t know whether the regions other than U.S. and Canada are being affected by the supply constraints…

Stay Tuned!!!

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  1. Nana

    April 16, 2012 at 9:20 pm

    I took mine in cause of a faulty power button, to my surprising luck they were out of the model but instead of getting a 4S replacement the genius bar told me they would be ordering me a replacement unit and would call me when it was in. I looked at the order invoice and it seems to be coming from AR-USA. So disappointed 🙁

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