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Apple launches new video ads for Siri

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apple iphone 4s adStill wondering what the iPhone 4S virtual assistant can do for you? The app, which is still in beta testing phase launched exclusively on the new Apple smartphone back in October last year. One of the headline grabbing features, Siri was previously available through the App Store. It has set a new benchmark in terms of voice recognition software that interacts with all of the devices’ apps and technology including iMessage, calendar, email, Contacts and maps, as well as while browsing.

This week, Apple has released two videos advertising how Siri can help people achieve their dreams. The promotional adverts were posted on YouTube and Apple’s website and they show how Siri can help with being a rock star or a cross country road trip.

The Road Trip advert shows a young man planning to travel from the east coast of America to the west. He and his friend are asking for directions for their road trip. They use Siri to search for activities and places to visit along the way, like restaurants and tourist attractions along with directions and other information they may need. The ad ends and two are staring at the Pacific Ocean. The woman says to Siri, “Remind me to do this again”. Siri responds, “Okay, I’ll remind you”.
The dream of being a rock star is one many of us share. The second advert shows a young man tell Siri he wants to find a guitar. Siri then helps him learn to play, list band names and tell his friends when it’s time for band practice in his garage. He finishes playing a song and says to Siri, “Call me a rock god”. “OK”, says Siri, “From now on I’ll you Rock God, OK?”
It is not the first time Apple has focussed on Siri in its advertising. The feature was the focus of the first adverts for the iPhone 4S in October. American consumers liked the Christmas themed Siri and Apple ad so much that it was voted the most effective ad of the 2011 festive season.

Some have been critical of Siri. There have been articles and scepticism about its ability to pick up different languages and accents and others have questioned whether it is really enough of a reason to make the upgrade from an iPhone 4.
However Siri is still in Beta, so may expect there still to be teething problems. What it has done, fundamentally, is show the real potential of voice recognition software on smartphones. It might not be the finished product yet but it is telling that many analysts believe developing a decent comparable app on Android will be a major headache and ambition for many developers and manufacturers launching rival devices this year.

With rumours Siri will speak Russian and Mandarin by the end of 2012 it is likely the iPhone 4S will see it adding to its incredible sales figures of 2011. Apple sold 37 million handsets in the final quarter of 2011, up over 128 percent year on year.. Siri might not have been the main reason for that, but it was definitely one of them. This year’s iPhone 5 is likely to just take things to a whole new level yet again. No wonder Apple iOS so keen to show off how the feature can make people’s lives easier.

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