Apple Fixes China Mobile iPhone 4S Signal Issues!

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China Mobile iPhone 4S sim issues Here’s a great news for all those Chinese iPhone 4S users, that Apple has updated the iPhone 4S to fix the signal issues which some users on China Mobile (unofficial carrier) were experiencing.

Although China Mobile did not officially carry the device bit still they have passed the 15 million iPhone users mark. And you’ll be amazed to hear that the iPhone still doesn’t support the China Mobile’s 3G (TD-SCDMA) network, which means that all these users are on the carriers 2G network. This is really impressive!

Recently many iPhone 4S users on China Mobile’s network are facing issues activating their SIM cards and making phone calls with the full signals, according to a PeopleDaily report:

A telecom technology expert explained that technically, the signal problems were caused by iPhone 4S handsets’ GSM chips, which only supports the P frequency band (885-915MHZ), but does not support the E frequency band (880-890MHz). As China Mobile’s GSM network supports both the P and E frequency bands, iPhone 4S handsets will lose signal or cannot make calls despite having a full signal when they are only covered by the E frequency band which is mainly for indoor use. The phones will regain signal when covered by the P frequency band, which is mainly for outdoor use and the most commonly used band under the standards of the International Telecommunication Union.

But now the problems seems to have resolved, in a recent news China Mobile says that Apple has updated iPhone 4S devices manufactured after February 8th to support their 2G network. Don’t worry old iPhone 4S owners, also there will be a software update in early March to address the issue.


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