A Woman’s View of the iPhone 4S

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iphone 4s womanSo the iPhone 4S has been out awhile now.  Plenty of time for all the tech hounds to voice their pro’s and con’s, comment on the things that seem to perform better and those that don’t. I won’t pretend to be anything close to a “techie”, but I do know what I like and what I don’t like about my iPhone 4S.

What Is the iPhone 4S… to Me?

The one Apple product I have been a huge fan of since day one has been the iPhone. I have purchased every version and will continue to do so. The iPhone for me, as I’m sure for most, is far more than my phone – it is my calendar, alarm clock, email device, medium for texting and Internet browser, not to mention it entertains my kids in times of crisis, it tames my boredom during the countless times a day I am waiting for something and it is an amazing memory saver.

Man versus Woman

I won’t pretend to know the exact differences in the way a man versus a woman uses his iPhone. I simply have made some observations and have come to the following conclusion – for the most part, men use their iPhones for texting, email, calendaring and gaming. Women, on the other hand, use their iPhones for browsing, texting, email, calendar, travel planning, restaurant reservations, photos and videos, child care (for example when your child is continuously complaining about boredom in the doctor’s office) and so much more. In my view, the iPhone for a woman is much more utilitarian, and for this reason I have always rushed to get the latest and greatest version while constantly amazed at the improved efficiency and productivity with each new model.

The 4S Changes

So while I have always been happy with my iPhone upgrades, lately I’ve questioned whether the latest upgrade was worthwhile.   Here’s why:

1. The operating system.  As a non-techie type (like most of my female friends) I am not sure I appreciate all that much the new operating system.  I want to know that the darn thing is going to connect to the Internet in a timely fashion and on a regular and consistent basis.  Reliability is the key here, not how much faster (is it really an appreciable difference?  I mean really?) or how much more memory it has.  If you have the larger memory version of the phone, is it really possible to fill it up unless you put your entire music, video and photo catalog on the phone!  So the new operating system of the iPhone 4S was not something I got excited about.

2. Siri. Oh, Siri. Honestly, I could totally live without Siri and can count on my left hand how many times I have actually used her. And of those few times I have tried her service, she has consistently been unhelpful.  I know some people out there live for Siri, but I think she is indicative of how lazy we have all become. I do understand the notion that she makes it safer for those of us on the road, but she has to be reliable in order for her to be truly helpful.  And let’s get real, but while out to eat, for example, does anybody really want to hear the person at the next table ask, “Siri, how many calories are in chicken parm?”  We especially don’t want to hear the answer…

3. The camera. Do I honestly see a difference in the 4S camera from the 4? Not really, and I do profess to be an amateur photographer. The photos are still of decent quality and sharpness and the supposed “stability control” mechanism is marginal at best. The really noticeable change, however, is with the video camera. Apple really did enhance the performance, although a zoom would have made it all-the-better. The quality and crispness of the video truly does rival that of any personal hand held video recorder.

Worth the Upgrade?

So what other changes were made to the 4S that I can critique? Well, that’s just it.  Unless you actually read about the changes Apple made to the new version, you don’t really notice them, especially if you are a non-techie type female. I certainly don’t comb the web looking for Apple rumors and scoping out the next version of whatever Apple product is speculated to be release in the next 6, 12 or 18 months.

I just want to be able to use my phone and have it work the most efficiently and effectively as possible. With all that said, I can honestly say if I could go back in time, I would not have forked out the $300 for the 4S and would have waited patiently for the new iPhone 5, or whatever they intend to call it. I wouldn’t know that I was missing anything.

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